LMFAO OKAY so i seriously need to say the only way i’ll take otherkin seriously if the idea being/have been another species if it’s spiritual/religious. otherwise, just, like, nah.

Well, for most of us, it IS spiritual. Otherwise it’s…

if you have no idea then how the literal fuck do you know or think youre a wolf

Behaviours, instincts, expeirences, feelings. When I close my eyes and think of myself, I think of a wolf. It’s just who I am.
I experience mental shifts, species dysphoria, canine instincts and quirks, even a couple of times I’ve experienced phantom shifts. It feels wrong to have a flat face, to step down on my heels, to have nails instead of claws. When I look at a wolf, I feel like that is how I’m supposed to be.

I don’t know if it’s due to psychology or some supernatural reason. But I don’t see why blaming it on things that aren’t proven to exist (souls, past life memories) would make more sense than to say “I don’t know”. I don’t even know if such a thing as a soul really exists. How then, could I be sure that my identity is due to my soul?

I don’t know exactly why I’m bisexual either. Perhaps I should make up a story about Freya blessing me with my sexual orientation, so that people will take me seriously… -_- Or I’ll just accept myself, without having to invoke religious explanations for everything.

Resert bort en vecka

Resert bort en vecka

Jag åker till Finland idag, till släkten och sommarhuset, och kommer inte kunna uppdatera någon blogg där. Kommer tillbaka till öppningen av Pride House (28/7).

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Leaving for Finland

Going for a vacation to Finland, to visit extended family and stuff. Probably won’t have internet access there.

I’ll be back the same day Stockholm Pride festival starts - 28th of July


King Cheetah Cubs (by Bradsview)


King Cheetah Cubs (by Bradsview)


INTJ: major dicks and kinda proud of it. prone to being right. prone to liking trance music way too much. all the ones i’ve ever met have been unexpectedly kinky. so i guess, expectedly.

Yea, I’ll take that.

I was surprised to see how well it described me too. Well, except I don’t listen to trance that much.

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Anonymous said: 17?

A fact about my life:The only pets I’ve ever had, are fish, because my mother is allergic to all kinds of furry critters, and wouldn’t let me have a snake.

I don’t have space for a pet in the small apartment I live in now.

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wolfiestudpuppy said: Hello! Sorry for all the notifications you're probably going to get from me- I haven't visited your blog in a bit and it seems I'm quite fond of it!

Don’t worry, I’m not bothered by notifications. :3

rainwhistler said: Hello, I have followed your blog for a little while now and I am curious to find out in your opinion how much of a difference is there between therianthropy and spiritualism. I am a Native American Spiritualist and I have my spirit guides and what animal I associate myself with being spiritually but how much of a difference is that then being a therian? Thanks!

As far as I understood, people who have spirit guides see their guides as individuals/powers of their own, not synonymous to themselves. So, one might sit and talk to Bear, or be inspired by Sparrow.

A therian on the other hand, is their animal type. For instance, if I tried to talk to “the wolf in me”, I would only be talking to myself. I am a wolf. I am not guided by a wolf. I feel that even though gender and species are two different things, an allegory might make this clearer: I identify as a wolf in the same way as I identify as a nerd, a woman, bisexual, Scandinavian. I don’t have a wolf spirit guide (as far as I am aware), any more than I have a female bisexual spirit guide.

The very important part:

You HAVE a spirit guide, but you AREN’T one.

A therian IS the animal, in some non-physical way.

Some therians believe in spirit guides/totems/etc, because there are therians of many religions and spiritual paths. Then that therian might both BE an animal, and HAVE an animal guide.

let me introduce myself


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