Lite grundläggande om teriantropi

Lite grundläggande om teriantropi

  • Teriantropi när man identifierar sig som ett annat djur än människa. Inte fysiskt, men t ex andligt eller psykologiskt.
  • Men ja, människor är också djur.
  • Man är inte en therian bara för att man verkligen gillar ett djur, eller har haft en andlig upplevelse med det djuret.
  • Det kallas teriantropi (på engelska: therianthropy). Det är bildat av grekiska orden therios (djur) + anthropos…

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Just throwing this out here…

  • Therianthropy is when you identify, in a non-physical way (such as mentally or spiritually), as a non-human animal.
  • Yes, humans are animals too, get over it.
  • Really liking an animal, or having a spiritual connection to an animal, does not in itself make you a therian.
  • It’s called therianthropy, not therianism. Therian is short for therianthrope, which means “beast man” (therios + anthropos). -Ism commonly denotes religious or political ideology, therianthropy is neither.
  • Therianthropy might seem similar to furry fandom, religion, pet play or clinical lycanthropy, but is not the same as any of these. It’s a thing of it’s own. But of course, some therians might also be furries, for instance.
  • While it’s a personal choice whether to participate in the therian community, or to use the word to describe oneself, one does not chose to become a therian.
  • A therianthrope’s animal type is known as a theriotype. A cow therian’s theriotype is a cow.
  • Therianthropes and otherkin are not a “tumblr thing”. These communities have existed before tumblr was created. There are many forums, e-mail lists, personal websites, irl meet-ups etc, if you look outside of tumblr.
  • Therians, just like everybody else, are expected to behave respectfully and be mature adults. Being a therian does not excuse harmful behaviour, we all need to learn some self control.


For some reason I really don’t like the -kin terms, but it seems to be what everyone on tumblr uses.

Like, the tigerkin tag is full of stuff, but the tiger therian tag only has like four posts, including mine.

I don’t know, I just prefer the term “tiger therian” over “tigerkin”

I’m the same. I don’t call myself a wolf otherkin or wolfkin. I’m a wolf therian, that’s it.

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The last one kills me.

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If you ever visit Finland you have plenty of options to try it out. 

We have, for example


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Memorable Tumblr Puns 

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What is Therianthropy?


Therianthropy is often confused with otherkin because theyre both very similar. The difference is that therians identify as earthly animals, while otherkin identify as mythical creatures/beings/concepts. Many therians also consider themselves otherkin, or have an animal theriotype but consider themselves otherkin. It is a personal choice and a matter of preference but in general therian is a type of otherkin.

If you want to know more about therians, or think you might be one, I found The Werelist a year ago when I was suspicious of my inner feelings and needed to learn more. I would highly recommend its library to anyone who wants to learn more or thinks they might be one.

This is the best list of definitions I’ve seen:

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Anonymous said: i dont know if im allowed to call myself otherkin but like, ive always LOVED cats. i feel like i connect with them, and in a way i act like them sometimes without even noticing ? i just get really happy when i see one and im just drawn to them its hard to explain immsorry if this is hard to understand ?? ive had people tell me i cant be otherkin but i saw you were accepting questions so i was wondering if its okay to call myself otherkin


It’s okay, anon! I feel the exact same as you towards plants.

You know, you aren’t not allowed to do anything! If adopting the otherkin label makes you feel happy and comfortable, then you should do it! I don’t really think that there’s really a sound definition about what being otherkin really means, even.

For me, and it might be different than with others, but I think that you should just call yourself what makes you happy and comfortable.

Good luck!

-Mod Delta

There is a quite common and working definition of otherkin:

A person who identifies as something non-human. Sometimes it’s used specifically for someone who identifies as something mythological/cryptozoological.

Labels should not be used just for “feeling happy”. Labels should be used for clarity. Anon might be otherkin/therian, might not be. But having a connection to cats is not the same thing as identifying as a cat - and it’s only the latter that makes one a cat therian.


Dora The Norwegian Buhund by phunkstarr on Flickr.

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Savannah by Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary Wolves on Flickr.

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