Now and then, I find the tumblr otherkin community utterly distasteful. At first glance, I thought it was clever and interesting to talk about otherkin/therianthropy in terms of identity, rights, visibility. But now, I just shake my head. It’s so infected. And when someone can say “I don’t need to define my idenity!!11!” or “all identities are valid!!22!” there is no constructive questioning.

Why do you identify as a certain species? Do you think there could be a mundane explanation for some of the things you experience? How do you justify “being” a creature that has never existed and is purely the figment of an author’s imagination? Are you sure that you are a certain species, when it has close relatives that are very similar? Are past life memories reliable? Is meditation a good method for introspection?

Just some questions that I find interesting. Some of these can hardly be asked (especially by a non-kin) without otherkin on tumblr getting defensive.