Anonymous said: Am I the only one who's a bit hurt by the fact that some trans people are so strongly denying that otherkin exist? I would have liked to think that overall these two communities could get along and share those experiences with understanding rather than fighting. There was a time not too far away where trans people weren't believed either. People are more than their "oppressed selves." So it shouldn't be a factor in determining what's real or not just because one group was more notably oppressed.

Yes, I fully agree with you!

I don’t really mind it when some trans* people say point out the differences between the groups etc. There are differences! But what I find hurtful is when people, trans* or not, just outright dismiss therianthropy/otherkinship(?) as bullshit, without listening at all. So I won’t listen to the ones who are like “don’t compare us to otherkin because otherkin are bullshit” (this also happened when I said that pet players could be welcome to a therian event I was planning). Sorry, if you won’t respect me, I won’t respect you. I’m not going to apologize for being something I didn’t choose.

In general, “weird people” of all kinds should unite and protest against all kinds of bullying etc. Because the problem is not that mainstream society doesn’t approve of uncommon religions, certain gender identities, specific clothing styles, tattoos, kink… it’s that mainstream society frowns upon EVERYTHING that is “different”. So we should strive to change that attitude, instead of trying to remove the “different label” of specific groups.