Anonymous said: About those mental shift stuff... how do you get by without a tail? Especially when you want to communicate stuff that requires moving your tail?

Sometimes I forget that I don’t have a tail, so I even if I think “my tail is wagging” or “put the tail between my legs”, I actually can’t… so I guess it wouldn’t look like anything. Granted, many things that can be communicated with the tail can also be communicated with other body parts, such as playful mood, dominance, fear etc… it’s not only the tail, it’s also posture and facial expression.

Sometimes I move my butt.

Sometimes I use one of my legs. Like, when I would wag my tail, sometimes I start wiggling my toes instead. Somethings gotta wag, so I guess I compensate lack of tail with using another body part.

tl;dr: sometimes I just do whatever I can without a tail, sometimes I compensate by moving my butt or leg instead.